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  1. Welcome to Marshall CODE Tools. Download, create and share patches for all Marshall CODE amplifiers. The site is still in beta, some functions might not be fully implemented and a lot of things require polishing, but the basic functionality of creating and sharing Marshall CODE presets works along with the unique web2amp function that allows you to directly load the settings for a selected.
  2. Listing of all Marshall CODE50 Presets 11. votes . 100 presets is more than the avaerage human brain can handle, 5 +/- 2 is the old adage. The Gateway app when active and syncing with the amp displays Tap to sync after the first few preset entries. So you can't efficiently scroll through the presets. Is there a preset listing anywhere on the Marshall Website a customer can print out?.
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  1. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Marshall Code 50 | Creating Presets YouTube; Marshall CODE Amps - From Sparkly Cleans to Drop Tuned Dirt - Lets Check It Out!! - Duration: 30:25. Andertons Music Co.
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  3. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Marshall Code 50 - Preset The Wall YouTube Marshall CODE Amps - From Sparkly Cleans to Drop Tuned Dirt - Lets Check It Out!! - Duration: 30:25

Marshall CODE Presets by Artist. Home; By Artist; Patches; Create a patch; Live Editor; Login; Register; PC Editor; Help; Guns N' Roses. Artist Song Updated User Rating; Guns N' Roses: November rain solo: May 30th, 2020 00:00: sirzachers (0.0 / 0) Guns N' Roses: Don't Cry : May 21st, 2020 15:42: marcelzakrzewski (0.0 / 0) Guns N' Roses: Welcome To The Jungle Intro Delay: May 20th, 2020 22:32. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Marshall Code 50 - Preset Comfortably Numb YouTube Marshall CODE Amps - From Sparkly Cleans to Drop Tuned Dirt - Lets Check It Out!! - Duration: 30:25 50+ videos Play all Mix - Marshall Code 50 - Preset Hey You YouTube Marshall CODE50 50 watt 1x12 Guitar Amp Review - Duration: 6:43. Dawsons Music 61,509 view

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Le Code 50 est un peu difficile à régler à bas volume, on a un peu le défaut typique Marshall, à savoir le volume déboule d'un coup. Cependant avec le gateway sur le mobile, j'arrive à bien le maîtriser. Parfois, il faut mettre le volume en dessous de 1, j'ai obtenu d'excellents sons, or je me trouve en volume, avec la valeur 0,2 !! de façon pour jouer sans me casser les oreilles Réglages usine code 50. par Wolf51 » mer. 12 févr. 2020 08:59 Réponses: 0 Vues: 1620 Dernier message par Wolf51 mer. 12 févr. 2020 08:59; Preset Marshall code téléphone. par Jérôme » dim. 9 févr. 2020 12:11 Réponses: 0 Vues: 1400 Dernier message par Jérôme dim. 9 févr. 2020 12:11; Connexion bluetooth Stanmore II. par OCO. The Code 50 happened to be on sale for the same price. I was initially drawn to the app because it's a Marshall and it has a huge selection of presets. After playing around with it for a while, I can definitely say I'm happy with my decision. With the phone app, you can change and tweak settings to create amazing adjustments to the output. I've spent hours just playing around with it making. Marshall Code 50 Combo. Issue #43. For quite some time now there has been a significant gap in Marshall's amp line up in an area that has seen a lot of activity from other companies in the market, namely affordable digital amp modelling technology, with in-built effects with a companion mobile/tablet app. It's clearly a very lucrative section of the market that has been exploited well by the.

CODE25. Pre-loaded with 100 presets, There are lots of features on the CODE so we've made some videos to help you better understand how the CODE can help shape your sound. Explore. Download your manual. Technical Specification. General. Model. CODE25. Range. CODE. Technology. Digital. Presets. 100. Electronics. Output wattage. 25W. Outputs. No extension cabinet outputs, 1 x 3.5mm jack. CODE. Entièrement programmable avec 100 presets modifiables, la série CODE allie une authentique modélisation des sons légendaires Marshall à des effets de qualité professionnelles.Les préamplis, amplis de puissance et baffles ont été modélisés en collaboration avec la prestigieuse société Softube pour créer Marshall-Softube (MST), une fine reproduction des sons emblématiques du.

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The Marshall CODE 50 - it's loud, its got a huge sound and there are a lot of variances in the tones and options. It looks solidly built and looks nice. I put it on the studio alongside another of my usual amps and played it with 6 different guitars (tele, strat, lp, 7 string, hot super strat and a warm alnico 2 equipped super strat). I started to run through the presets from 00 up and got. Marshall Code 50. Available immediately. Available immediately . This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Standard Delivery Times. £233 Add to Basket: 12% bought Marshall Code 25: £159: 11% bought Boss Katana 50 MKII: £225: 7% bought Marshall Code 100: £311: 5% bought Vox VT40X: £189: Our most popular Modelling Guitar Combos: Compare Products: Related Products. 9822.

Marshall Code FSW is the cheapest one. Just about all of these modelers need tweaks to factory presets. There are none I ever found that are universally good across as many guitar types used, so preset modifications are a requirement for any of the amps. Friend of mine changed the speaker in his Code 50 amp to one of the Jensen Mod 50s. He. A la recherche d'un ampli à modélisation pour se substituer occasionnellement à mon ampli à lampes (JCM 2000 DSL 60), je me suis laissé convaincre par ce petit modèle Marshall Code 25 après essai en magasin. Mes critères de sélection étaient : léger, aisément transportable, une modélisation correcte, prises casque et Mp3, simplicité dans les presets et prix (maximum autour des.

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  1. e on about 4 at practices and each preset volume is only on about 3 or 4. Also, sound carries better in a hall than a basement. You'll be fine with a 50. Again, more oomph with that 12 speaker. I like the footswitch. Jethro Rocker, May 22, 2017 #4. Söulcaster likes this. Martin Maniac.
  2. The Marshall Code 25 is the smallest offering in the new modelling amp series. The Code line-up features fully-programmable digital amps. The series was launched in January and caused some big waves in the industry at the time. The Code 25 is a 25-watt 1×10 combo. There are four other models in the series: the Marshall Code 50 (50w, 1×12 combo), Code 100 (100w, 2×12 combo), Code 100H (100w.
  3. CODE. Designed to give you the ultimate control over your sound, CODE TM connects to both Marshall Gateway and MyMarshall so you can create, edit and share sounds.. CODE is a leading digital product that gives you both access to our most acclaimed Marshall tones, and the ability to unlock your creativity
  4. Marshall Code 50 Speaker Upgrades. Discussion in 'Cabinets & Speakers' started by oachs83, Sep 14, 2016. oachs83 Active Member. Joined: Mar 12, 2012 Messages: 334 Likes Received: 179. Hey guys spent a few hours on the Code 50 bang for the buck really nice unit. However I feel the speaker (which is more than likely the biggest area Marshall saves us and them money) needs attention. I just can.
  5. g audio from your music library and Bluetooth LE for real-time control of your amplifier settings. Gateway can function independently of CODE to create and manage presets that can be sent to CODE when connected
  6. Modelling Combo Guitar Amp Marshall Code 50: 165 images, 7 prices, 5 classifieds, 5 videos, 2 files to download and 1 user revie

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I caved and bought a modeling amp again...Marshall Code 50. Discussion in 'The Loudhouse' started by Tiltsta, Aug 3, 2016. Aug 3, 2016 ; Tiltsta Show me your frittatas. I swore off modeling amps a while ago, and even posted that I wasn't keen on the Marshall Code series, but the early reviews and clips sounded really awesome and the 1x12 combo version was only 249 bucks, so I took the plunge. OWNER'S MANUAL. CODE is a new generation of Marshall amplifier. Fully programmable, CODE combines authentic modelling of classic and contemporary Marshall tones with professional quality FX. CODE preamp, power amp and speaker cabinet models have been developed in collaboration with audio software pioneers Softube to create Marshall-Softube (MST) modelling. Featuring Bluetooth® & USB.

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I really, REALLY wanted to like the Marshall Codes, but the 25 takes so much tweaking to get there, and the Code50 just sounded like a muddy mess IMO, even afyer all the tweaking. After having and returning both, I got the Katana 50 last week, and the difference in tone is amazing - the Katana sounds fantastic, and reacts like a good amp should, without having to spend a half hour just to. Code Amp Presets. Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by Bret Cahill, Oct 29, 2017. Bret Cahill New Member. Joined: Oct 29, 2017 Messages: 5 Likes Received: 0. I just got the code 50 and I noticed that my preset list that came programmed in the amp is different from some of the reviews I watched on YouTube. Did Marshall change all the presets since the amp came. Any help with this would be. With the exception of the speaker size, wattage and slightly different front panel control configurations, the Marshall Code50 and Code25 are otherwise identical. The Code50 is a 50-watt combo with a single custom 12-inch speaker, while the Code 25 is a 25-watt combo with a single custom 10-inch speaker. The Code50 also has separate Preset and.

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  1. The Marshall Code 50 packs decades of classic Marshall sounds into a travel-friendly combo amp. Browse over 100 presets for instant inspiration at home or on the road, or mix and match digitally modeled Marshall preamps, power amps, and speaker cab emulations to customize convincing tones for the stage and studio. With 50 watts and a full-voiced 12 speaker, the Marshall Code 50 is right at.
  2. Marshall CODE50 1x12 Digital... Andertons. Preorder . Code 50. Thomann. View. Plugin Boutique View Similar. Plugin Boutique. Check Plugin Boutique. Show More Deals. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. powered by . Image 1 of 3. Marshall CODE50. Image 2 of 3. Marshall CODE50. Image 3 of 3. Marshall CODE50. The all-new CODE range from Marshall fills a gap in its.
  3. Instrukcja Marshall CODE 25C. Przejrzyj bezpłatnie instrukcję Marshall CODE 25C lub zadaj pytanie innym właścicielom produktu
  4. The 25/50 Silver Jubilee Series was created in 1987 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of To begin using CODE: the founding of Marshall Amplification and 50 years of Jim Marshall being in the music business. Based on the JCM800 2203 and 2204™ Master Volume models, Silver Jubilee •..
  5. OVERVIEW. The Marshall Code 50 packs decades of classic Marshall sounds into a travel-friendly combo amp. Browse over 100 presets for instant inspiration at home or on the road, or mix and match digitally modeled Marshall preamps, power amps, and speaker cab emulations to customize convincing tones for the stage and studio
  6. Marshall has changed the presets on the Code 100 compared to the 50. Different names, different sounds! The preset Jubilee and preset JTM are a lot better to my ear. The JCM 800 is still my favorite and sounds GREAT! I played through 1 x 12, 2 x12, and 4 x 12 cabinets. The 4 x 12 sounds the best of course

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  1. L'association entre Marshall un des leaders historiques du marché des amplis guitare et Softube l'un des pionniers dans le traitement audio sur ordinateur, tout cela semble prometteur et donne donc naissance à la nouvelle série d'amplis à modélisation Marshall Code prometteuse sur le papier
  2. Check out the How do I perform a factory reset on my Marshall Code 25 or Code 50 Amp? page at Sweetwater — the world's leading music technology and instrument retailer
  3. Marshall Code Preset Editing Video Discussion in ' Always tough from a YouTube video, but I have to agree. This is the CODE 50 being demoed, so it's not for lack of speaker size. Part of the problem with evaluating modeling amps is that the presets are always doused with absurd amounts of modulation, compression, etc. that can wreck havoc on certain parts of the EQ spectrum. But at 3:24.
  4. Salut les audiofanziens Voilà le dilemme... je cherche un nouvelle ampli pour chez moi Je plante le décor: J'ai actuellement un Fender superchamp
  5. This is probably the best solution for a fairly flexible foot switchable lightweight amp and effects combination that I could take to a jam easily and be heard
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PROGRAMMABLE FOOTCONTROLLER OWNER'S MANUAL. COMPLIANCE STATEMENT ENGLISH The CODE footcontroller (PEDL-91009) has two Modes of operation: PRESET Mode and SWITCH Mode. NOTE: The footcontroller will always power on in Preset Mode. SWITCH MODE This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful. Amazon.com: marshall code 50 footswitch. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. All. Go Search Hello Select your address Upload a new sci-fi comedy. Best Sellers Customer Service New Releases Find a Gift Whole Foods Today's Deals Gift Cards Registry AmazonBasics Sell #FoundItOnAmazon Coupons Free Shipping. Marshall Code 100 Head. 49 ratings . Amp Head for Electric Guitar. Power: 100 W; 100 Adjustable presets ; 14 Preamp models; 4 Power amp models; 8 Speaker models; 24 Professional effects; Up to 5 effects simultaneously; Bluetooth & USB connection possible; Marshall Gateway app compatible; Headphone output; Line input; Tuner; FX loop; Dimensions (W x H x D): 525 x 200 x 220 mm; Weight: 8.9 kg. The Marshall Code 50 Combo is an ideal avenue to take for players who want the flexibility of a well-built modeling amp and the wattage necessary to be heard in practice or gig out with on small-sized stages. Choose from different combinations of 26 classic Marshall preamps, power amps, and cabs like the JTM45 or Silver Jubilee and send them screaming through the specially designed 12 speaker. Liste des produits de la série Code de la marque Marshall

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Marshall Code 50. Categories: Backline, Guitar Amplifier. Description Reviews (0) Description. The CODE50 from Marshall Amplification is a 50W RMS 1×12″ combo amplifier designed for guitars. It emulates both vintage and modern Marshall tones while adding high-quality effects into the mix courtesy of Softube. Fourteen preamps, four power amps, and eight cabinets have been modeled in. NAD Marshall Code 25 - Update. Discussion in 'Amps' started by solteroblues, Jun 27, 2018. solteroblues Well-Known Member. Joined: Jan 7, 2011 Messages: 1,425 Likes Received: 1,444 Trophy Points: 113 Location: atlanta. After much research, I finally decided on a new amp. I have been obsessed with watching demos on modeling practice amps the last week or so, driven my wife crazy with them! I've. Marshall PEDL-91009 4-way Footswitch for Code Amplifiers. 4-way Footswitch for Marshall Code Guitar Amps with Preset Recall and LED Readout. Rated 4.5/5 32 reviews Write your review Item ID: PEDL91009 $ 69.99. Sweetwater Savings: $ 10.01 MSRP: $ 80.00. Free Shipping. Free Tech Support. Free 2-year Warranty. Free Shipping Free Tech Support Free 2-year Warranty As low as $3/month 0% Interest for. Get your hands on the Marshall CODE50 1x12 Digital Combo Amp at Andertons Music Co. with free UK delivery! Close Track Your Order Marshall's CODE series of digital programmable amplifiers are made for guitarists who seek ultimate versatility, with the ability to change parameters from their smartphone or computer! With over 100 ready-to-rock presets, these powerful and gig-worthy amps are. A guide of presets and amp settings that are best for Marshall or Fender amplifiers, with EQ for rock, blues, grunge and a variety of other tones & styles

The Marshall PEDL-91009 Footswitch is a must have for any owners of the Code 25 & 50 amps. What sold me was the two different modes that are easily configurable, Switch and Preset. Switch allows you to turn off/on some individual FX while playing. The Preset mode allows you to bank 30 of your presets on the foot switch (A1-3 thru J1-3). For example, I use the A banks as my Iron Maiden preset. Marshall Code Presets. I'm looking for new presets for my Marshall Code 50 (Sepultura, Ghost, Gojira). Haven't find in my.marshall.com. Does anyone know a subreddit or anywhere I can find it? 1 comment. share. save hide report. 67% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Sort by. best. level 1. KeyBorgCowboy. 1 point · 1 year ago. https. Found a used, like-new, Marshall Code 50 at a semi-local Guitar Center yesterday, and picked it up for $180. Initial disappointments when it wouldn't work with my IPod Touch (too old a version of Bluetooth) and some frustrations getting Marshall Gateway to run on the IPad, but truthfully, I.. Combos Guitares à Modélisation dans le plus grand magasin de musique d'Europe - Livraison rapide, garantie 30 jours satisfait ou remboursé et garantie 3 ans Thoman

Ampli Guitare Marshall Marshall code 50 - ampli guitare combo 50 watts Ajouter au comparateur - 100 presets - Ecran LCD - Connectivité Bluetooth et USB - Entrée audio et Sortie casque - Logiciel fourni pour ordinateurs et appareils mobiles - 1 HP de 12 - Dim (mm) : 555 x 565 x 315 / Poids : 16 Kg . Caractéristiques. Caractéristiques; Code: MK15307638381; Publicité. La disponibilité. item 2 Marshall Code 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp - Marshall Code 50w 1x12 Guitar item 6 Marshall Code 50 50W, 1x12 Digital Combo - Marshall Code 50 50W, 1x12 Digital Combo. $299.99 +$20.00 shipping. Compare similar products. You Are Viewing. Marshall Code 50 50w 1x12 Digital Combo (2) Trending Price. $299.99 New. $269.99 Used. Amplifier Type. Combo. Brand. Marshall. Current slide. Marshall CODE 100W Guitar Amp Head Black Marshall Code 50-50-watt 1x12 Digital Combo Amp 4.5 out of 5 stars 121. $299.99 and how easy it is to customize and save your own presets. Marshall really made it simple to use. If you want clean, you can have that. If you want heavy distortion, you can have that too. If you want concert reverb, or stadium delay, or anything in between, well.

The tone tweaking capabilities of the Marshall CODE series are almost limitless. This is a range of guitar amplifiers that honestly allow musicians to dial in and find their own unique sound. It is a stunning modeling amp replicating the companies legendary high-end amp tones. Consisting of 14 preamp models, 4 power amp models, 8 speaker cab models. Players can adjust gain, volume, modulation. With the Marshall Gateway app for iOS and Android systems, the player can control his CODE amp remotely via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth functionality also permits easing preset sharing or streaming audio through CODE's speaker(s) or headphones. And USB connectivity, something also quickly becoming a standard feature in gear, lets you use CODE as a great sounding DAW interface Marshall CODE 50 Guitar Combo Amp . Main Features. 50 Watt 1x12 inch Combo; 100 user editable Presets; 14 preamp models, 4 power amp models, 8 speaker cabinet models ; 24 pro quality FX, up to 5 FX simultaneously; Bluetooth and USB connectivity; Marshall Gateway compatible; Headphone output and Line input; A New Generation Of Marshall Amplifier CODE 50 features 14 classic & contemporary. Marshall amplification CODE 25 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Marshall amplification CODE 25 Owner's Manua

Matériel Amplis combos à modélisation pour guitare {{currentManName}} swap_horiz Marshall swap_horiz Rechercher une marque keyboard_arrow_down. Tout Marshall ; settings_backup_restore. Amplis combos à modélisation pour guitare {{man.manufacturer_sName}} Toutes les catégories {{man.manufacturer_sName}} settings_backup_restore. Boss Katana 50 vs Marshall Code 50 vs Fender Mustang GT-100 [GEAR] I'm looking to buy a new modelling amp and it's most likely going to be one of these. I have played the Fender mustang III v2, and really like the ability to connect to a computer and use Fender Fuse to download presets from the forums Marshall Code 50 Review 2020 - Undoubtedly Marshall manufactures a range of best tube amplifiers for guitars, and Code 50 is one of them! The elegant-looking amp comes loaded with a plethora of features which makes it an excellent choice for professional as well as amateur guitar players. If you are looking for a guitar amp to upscale your tones, then there is nothing better than Marshall.

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50 Watt 1X12 Digital Combo Amp Re-create classic Marshall preamp/power amp/ speaker cab combinations 100 presets 24 digital effects (5 simultaneous) Aux in / Headphone out USB and Bluetooth connectivity (iOS/Android via Gateway App Marshall CODE series unveiled at NAMM 2016. Marshall have been very busy recently, releasing two great new series of amps at NAMM 2016, namely the CODE and 2525 Mini Jubilee.It is the CODE series that has really captured our attention, with its huge selection of classic preprogrammed sounds and its seemless connectivity with smart devices The Marshall CODE 100W 2x12 combo combines the Marshall legacy with state-of-the-art technology, culminating in a potent amp that taps into all the tones you crave. The range offers a choice of digital amp models, power amps, cabinet simulations, FX and more allowing you to dial in every tonal possibility you need. Various choices of glistening cleans, vintage crunches and modern high gain. Marshall CODE50 Digital Guitar Combo Amp Fully programmable, CODE combines authentic modeling of classic and contemporary Marshall tones with professional quality FX. CODE preamp, power amp and speaker cabinet models have been developed in collaboration with audio software pioneers Softube to create Marshall-Softube (MST) modeling, highly.

The Code series is compatible with the new Marshall Gateway app for iOS/Android smart devices, which allows for control via Bluetooth, the sharing of presets with other Code users and the wireless. Marshall Code 50 Presets . Add another file . Fichier introuvable. Marshall Code 25 guitar amplifier 25W, Marshall CODE-25, Marshall CODE 25, Marshall Główne cechy: model: 25C seria: CODE rodzaj wzmacniacza: Digital moc: 25W zestawy ustawień: 100 ilość.. Marshall may be new to the modeling game, but its recently introduced CODE Series amps—which include 25 -, 50-, and 100-watt combos and heads—aim to capture a lot of these great sounds.

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Discover how to create your own Presets in the full CODE Owner's Manual at marshallamps.com The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Marshall Amplification Plc is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. MARSHALLAMPS.COM | #LIVEFORMUSIC Marshall Amplification Plc. Preset code list You should have no problem controlling a component if you find the manufacturer in this list, but please note that there are cases where codes for the manufacturer in the list will not work for the model that you are using. There are also cases where only certain functions may be controllable after assigning the proper preset code Marshall CODE100C 100W Digital 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp. Good. Ant_Mazz7. Hammonton, NJ, United States. 7. Ant_Mazz7. Hammonton, NJ, United States. 7. $230. Local Pickup Only. Add to Cart. Make an Offer . Watch. This is a great affordable amp for the bedroom or band practice. You can unlock some great Marshall tones by connecting your phone to the amp via Bluetooth and adjusting the tone on the. This Marshall Code 50 is in used, near mint condition. The grill cloth is lightly scuffed in one spot, but otherwise it is super clean. The power cord is included.Specs: Type:Solid State with digital modeling Number of Channels:1 Total Power:50W Speaker Size:1 x 12 Reverb:Yes Effects:24 (5 simultaneously) Amp Modeling:Yes Number of Models:14 preamps, 4 power amps, 8 speaker cabs EQ:3-band EQ. I want to give everyone a quick preliminary review of the Marshall CODE 25. I received the amp last night in the mail, so I've only played it for a few hours. It has 100 presets, but many of them a redundant. For instance, there are presets for Plexi, Plexi Reverb and Plexi Delay. This amp definitely cranks out a great variety of Marshall tones.

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Save marshall code 100 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Price . Under $300.00 - apply Price filter. $300.00 to $360.00 - apply Price filter. Over $360.00 - apply Price filter. New Listing MARSHALL M-CODE100-U 100-Watt 2x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier. Brand New. $449.99. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Watch. Marshall Code 100. Marshall remet les pendules à l'heure avec la CODE series introduite au Namm Show 2016, qui marque le retour tonitruant de la firme anglaise sur le segment de l'amplification pour guitare électrique à modélisation. Le baffle MARSHALL CODE 412 Cabinet (4x12, 100 watts, 8 ohms) a été calibré spécialement pour l'occasion. Les amplis CODE offrent grâce à des circuits à transistors haute.

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Série Marshall CODE. Amplificateurs de modélisation entièrement programmables avec son Marshall légendaire. Que ce soit en tant qu'interface DAW, haut-parleur MP3 ou combo d'entraînement : les amplificateurs numériques CODE de Marshall représentent la technologie de modélisation moderne de pointe en conjonction avec des sons authentiques de classiques célèbres tels que le JCM800, le. With over 100 ready-to-rock presets, these powerful and gig-worthy amps are filled with 14 modelled preamps, 4 power amps and 8 speaker cabinets; not to mention 24 built-in effects too. CODE series amps provide you with every iconic Marshall tone and much, much more Choose professional quality you know and trust with this Marshall Code 100 combo. Modeling the contemporary and classic tones of Marshall, this combo allows you to showcase and blend your sounds with classic stompbox distortion, a built-in phaser and pitch shifter and tap tempo delays. With remote functions and Bluetooth connectivity, this Marshall Code combo makes streaming music simple from. After plugging in and powering up this amp and taking it through the presets I was floored by the tone, the amp models and the sound of the effects. I've got customers coming in the store and gravitating towards this amp. It sounds that good. I would suggest getting the floor pedal to make life a little easier. Believe me you will not be disappointed with this amp! Jump straight in and explore.

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