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Contact. Grab us on Gitter or post to community.plone.org.. Join and/or Contribute to the Documentation. The easiest way to contribute is to start writing! But first, read through the About section of the Docs, where you will also find the Documentation Style Guide, Contributing to the Documentation, Helper Tools, and workflow.. Issue Tracke This is the documentation for Plone 5.x, and is updated regularly. There have been many changes in this version, if you are using Plone 4 do consult the Plone 4.3 Documentation. Introduction; Quickstart; Working with Content; Adapting & Extending Plone ; Installing, Managing And Updating Plone; Developing for Plone. Developing add-ons for Plone; Programming with Plone. Getting started; HTTP. Plone's intellectual property and trademarks are protected by the non-profit Plone Foundation. This means that Plone's future is not in the hands of any one person or company. Thousands of websites across large and small businesses, education, government, non-profits, sciences, media and publishing are using Plone to solve their content management needs. This is supported by a global network.

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  1. The plone.api is an elegant and simple API, built for humans wishing to develop with Plone.. It comes with cookbook-like documentation and step-by-step instructions for doing common development tasks in Plone.Recipes try to assume the user does not have extensive knowledge about Plone internals
  2. About Plone Documentation versions; Version: 5 Version: 5; Version: 4; Version: 3 ; About Plone Documentation versions; Table Of Content. Installation¶ Introduction¶ This document covers the basics of installing Plone on popular operating systems. It will also point you to other documents for more complex or demanding installations. Plone runs as an application on the Zope application server.
  3. istrators: who install Plone and add-ons, and set up a site; Designers: who create site themes; Deployers: who configure server(s) for site hosting; Developers: who customize a site's capabilities, create add-ons, and contribute to Plone itself.
  4. One of the best ways to start contributing to the documentation is to pick one of the tickets labeled First Timer. Please do not misinterpret First Timer as easy! First Timer does not always mean that these tickets are suited for beginners or people who are new to Plone. For some of them you will.
  5. Pour créer un espace plone, on a besoin : - d'un ID, ou identifiant, qui permet de la localiser, par exemple, Le tout nouveau Plone.fr avec une documentation en français rédigée ou traduite par la communauté Plone francophone. Contributeur principal : youp. Modifier. plone.txt ; Dernière modification: Le 10/01/2017, 13:57; par L'Africain; Documentation ubuntu-fr. Les pages de cette.
  6. istrateurs de site, designers, déployeurs et développeurs d'avoir accès à une documentation complète

Why: The Plone documentation, codebase, marketing and other tasks are managed through GitHub. Using the same here makes it easier to coordinate team assignments. Note: You do not need to to this site to ask questions or make suggestions. For that you can participate at. Get started; Test Drive Plone. There are several online demo sites, allowing you to experience the look and feel of Plone as well as check out its ease of use and features. These sites let users log in using a variety of roles so they can see the difference between what users, editors, and administrators see when working in Plone. Plone demo sites. Install Plone. Before you can use Plone, you. Plone is fully open source, and is free software under the GPLv2. On GitHub.com, you can find the many repositories that make up the Plone project, ranging from the core software itself to the documentation sources. Available hotfixes. There may be hotfixes applicable to your version of Plone. Always check the Plone Hotfix Page before.

Documentation. plone.api documentation is part of the official Plone documentation. plone.api comes with cookbook-like documentation and step-by-step instructions for doing common development tasks in Plone. Recipes try to assume the user does not have extensive knowledge about Plone internals. Source Code and Contribution Contributors Please read the document Process for Plone core's. Plone Documentation. Contribute to plone/documentation development by creating an account on GitHub La documentation officielle de Plone a été créée et est tenue à jour par la communauté pour les contributeurs de contenu, les développeurs, les administrateurs de sites, les designers et les intégrateurs. Une assistance complémentaire est fournis par de nombreuses entreprises de services numériques dans le monde entier. Installation de Plone . Basé sur des bibliothèques Python et. Plone Intranet Documentation¶ This is the central point for documentation on Plone Intranet. It is maintained by the Plone Intranet Consortium. If you are interested in background information and context of the project, we invite you to have a look at the history. You can easily - and are very welcome to - contribute to this documentation. Plone - The Open Source CMS¶ This is a community-maintained manual for the Plone content management system. This documentation is for: Content editors: who write, update, and order content on a site; Site administrators: who install Plone and add-ons, and set up a site; Designers: who create site themes ; Deployers: who configure server(s) for site hosting; Developers: who customize a site.

Mastering Plone Development¶ This is the documentation for the Mastering Plone training. Mastering Plone is intended as a week-long training for people who are new to Plone or want to learn about the current best practices of Plone development. It can be split in two trainings: A beginner training (2 to 3 days) that covers chapters 1-18 Plone est un système collaboratif orienté gestion électronique des documents (GED) et publication web qui permet de créer et de gérer des contenus riches et variés tels que les documents, les articles, les évènements, les actualités, Il permet de gérer les cycles de publications des contenus. Des rôles peuvent être affectés aux utilisateurs pour créer, modifier, voir ou. Docs.plone.org certificate expired: Monday, October 29, 2018 at 4:01:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time: 1: October 30, 201

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Support¶. If you are having issues, please let us know via the issue tracker. If you required professional support, here is a list of Plone solution providers that contributed significantly to plone.restapi in the past Le présent Manuel Utilisateur de Plone 3.0 est publié sous la licence Creative Commons CC-nc-by-sa. L'ouvrage originel, intitulé User Manual Plone 3.0, est disponible dans la section Documentation du site Plone.org. Il a été rédigé par : JoAnna Springsteen; Martin Aspeli; Jon Baldivieso; Andrew Burkhalter; Sam Knox; Jon Stahl; Jeff Pittman; Esther Schindler ; Rob Stevenson, et Darci. Plone est soutenu par une communauté dynamique, en expansion, qui organise chaque année des conférences, des colloques régionaux et de nombreux sprints dans le monde entier. Ils utilisent Plone. Intégration avec votre SI. Capable d'un vrai esprit d'équipe, Plone interagit avec votre infrastructure existante. Des workflows flexibles . Vous contrôlez la manière dont votre contenu est.

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Mastering Plone!¶ This is the documentation for the Mastering Plone-training. Mastering Plone is intended as a week-long training for people who are new to Plone or want to learn about the current best-practices of Plone development. It can be split in two tranings: A beginner training (2 to 3 days) that covers chapters 1-18 Properties, to access the content properties: it displays the regular Plone form tabs, but the fields currently involved in the layout are hidden. Creating TTW content types <dexterity1-create-ttw-label-ttw> documentation. Create an attractive layout for a talk, save it and reuse it for another talk. Solution. customize a talk layout (see Exercise 2), click on :menuselection: Layout ‣ S

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Ce site présente la documentation générale de l'application que vous pouvez aussi retrouver au format pdf . Elles s'adressent aux webmestres d'un site Wordpress ou Plone et concernent d'une part, l'administration du site (paramétrage, mise en page ou droits des utilisateurs) et d'autre part, la mise en ligne et la gestion des contenus. Annuaire académique des sites web. L'académie. Today's legacy Hadoop migrationblock access to business-critical applications, deliver inconsistent data, and risk data loss. Only WANdisco is a fully-automated big data migration tool that delivers ZERO application downtime during migration Plone Mailing Lists Brought to you by: aclark71 , alecacct , asigot , calvinparker , and 12 other

plone.app.robotframework documentation. Plone style guides; Importing content from other sources; Tutorials; Selected Plone core package documentation; Appendices; About this documentation; License for Plone Documentation; Asking for help; documentation Plone5. Docs » Developing for Plone » Testing Plone; Edit on GitHub; Testing Plone¶ This section contains tips how to test your code. Unit. Welcome to Plone Testing Documentation's documentation!¶ Contents: Policy. Template; Dependencies; Javascript Registration; CSS Registration; Workflo

Make sure to include HTTP examples in installed egg, so test_documentation tests also work against a installed release of plone.restapi. [lgraf] [lgraf] 3.1.0 (2018-06-27 Plone Documentation Guide. One guide to rule them all Guide # About. Every open source project has its own style guide, a set of standards, for documentation. A consistent style is better to follow and to understand. A style guide establishes and enforces style to improve the intelligibility and communication within the project community. It ensures consistency and enforces best practice. 9.1. Default Theme¶. The default theme of Plone 5.x is called Barceloneta. It is a Diazo theme, meaning it uses plone.app.theming to insert the output of Plone into static html/css.. It uses html5, so it uses <header>, <nav>, <aside>, <section>, <article> and <footer> for semantic html.. The theme is mostly built with LESS (lots of it!) and uses the same grid system as Bootstrap La documentation en ligne Plone Les livres recommandés. Pour les livres, je recommande : Professional Plone Development de Martin Aspeli (si vous l'achetez chez l'éditeur vous pouvez acheter en même temps le PDF). Practical Plone 3: A Beginner's Guide to Building Powerful Websites, Alex Clark, Clayton Parker, Darci Hanning, David Convent, John DeStefano, Jon Stahl, Martin Aspeli, Matt. Welcome to Zope¶. Zope is a free and open source web application server written in the object-oriented programming language Python. Since its release in 1998, Zope continues to grow into many distinct applications, frameworks, libraries and tools

Découvrir Ce qui est nouveau dans Plone 3 (en). Lire la documentation, en particulier Que lire dans la documentation (en) et Les recommandations de configuration d'un serveur (en). Explorer les produits d'extension disponible pour Plone. Lire et/ou s'inscrire sur les forums de support. Vous appropriez le sit Plone HTML Comparatif Wordpress / Plone Gestions des sites. Les actions du responsable de publication Les actions du webmestre Référencement des sites dans l'annuaire Wordpress Plone HTML Questions-Réponses; Assistanc

Plone Prodotti per Plone The text and illustrations in this website are licensed by the Plone Foundation under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license This project can now be found here. Summary Files Reviews Support Wiki Mailing List CR des réunions plénières Rencontres EMG IdF et EMG Nord/Hauts de france Tous les ans depuis 2008 a lieu une journée de rencontre et d'échanges entre les EMG du Collectif et nos homologues des Hauts de France

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In 2020, we're working on improvements to the heart of pip. Please learn more and take our survey to help us do it right.. If you find bugs, need help, or want to talk to the developers, please use our mailing lists or chat rooms This is the documentation for Plone 5.x, and is updated regularly. There have been many changes in this version, if you are using Plone 4 do consult the Plone 4.3 Documentation. Introduction; Quickstart; Working with Content; Adapting & Extending Plone; Installing, Managing And Updating Plone; Developing for Plone . Developing add-ons for Plone; Programming with Plone. Getting started; HTTP. Documentation pour les analyses textuelles en français (pdf). Documentation pour les analyses textuelles en français (html). Une prise en main pas à pas proposée par Elodie Baril et Bénédicte Garnier (Institut National d'Etudes Démographiques - INED) : Pas à pas - iramuteq 0.7 alpha Copy / Move; Edit on GitHub; Copy / Move¶ Copying an object¶ To copy a content object send a POST request to the /@copy endpoint at the destinations url with the source object specified in the request body. The source object can be specified either by url, path, UID or intid. http. POST /plone/@copy HTTP / 1.1 Accept: application/json Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46c2VjcmV0 Content-Type. Mastering Plone 4 ¶ You can still read it on readthedocs.org if you want:.

Documentation and Support. Everything you want to know about Plone can be found in the documentation; GitHub repositories; Plone community forums, chat rooms, and mailing lists. The official Plone documentation was created and is maintained by the community for content contributors, developers, site administrators, designers, and integrators. Go to Plone 4 User Manual on GitHub. Press the Fork button. This will create your own personal copy of the documentation. Edit files using GitHub's text editor in your web browser Fill in the Commit message text box at the end of the page telling why you did the changes. Press the Propose file change button next to it when don ARIA is part of the ELIXIR infrastructure. ARIA is an Elixir service. Read more. The Plone ® Open Source CMS/WCM is © 2000-2020 by the Plone Foundation and friends. Calcul@tice (documentation) (inscription->cliquez sur le bouton orangeEnseignant?) Site d'entraînement des élèves au calcul mental animé par les équipes TICE et mathématiques de la direction départementale de l'éducation nationale Nord (1er et 2nd degrés). L'accès à toutes les ressources présentes sur nos pages est.

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ZopeEDIT permet d'utiliser n'importe quel logiciel pour éditer les documents d'un site Plone. L'accès se fait par le protocole webdav. Il permet non seulement son ouverture mais aussi de sauvegarder les modifications apportées au document directement sur le serveur. Un système de verrous empêche la modification simultanée d'un même document par plusieurs utilisateurs. (ie: ouverture d. A place to capture various idea on how to better organize Plone documentation. A few loose guidelines for your ideas.... -Plone docs benefit the entire Plone community. Keep all audiences in mind when proposing your ideas. If you don't know about a certain audience or only care about a certain audience, please indicate as such. But please at least try to consider everyone in your solution. Welcome to plone.server's documentation! Indices and tables ; Related Topics. Documentation overview. Next: Quickstart; This Page. Show Source ©2016, Ramon Navarro Bosch, Asko Soukka & Nathan Van Gheem. | Powered by Sphinx 1.5.3 & Alabaster 0.7.10 | Page source. To use Plone, you don't need to learn anything about Zope; to develop new Plone content types, a small amount of Zope knowledge is helpful, and it is covered in the documentation. Zope itself is written in Python, an easy-to-learn, widely-used and supported Open Source programming language plone documentation. Pterodactyl; Roosevelt Middle School Dog Rescue Event; URL Field; visual guide; undo icon; special formatting; bold icon; italics icon; alignlefticon.jpg; align center; bullet list icon; number list icon; outdent icon; indent icon; insert edit image; insert edit link icon; remove link icon; insert edit anchor icon ; insert new table icon; table row properties icon; table.

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Serialization ¶ Throughout the REST API, content needs to be serialized and deserialized to and from JSON representations. That URL in the download property points to the regular Plone download view. The client can send a GET request to that URL with an Accept header containing the MIME type indicated in the content-type property, and will get a response containing the file. Image fields. ZODB - a native object database for Python¶ Because ZODB is an object database: no separate language for database operations. very little impact on your code to make objects persistent. no database mapper that partially hides the database. Using an object-relational mapping is not like using an object database. almost no seam between code and. Napoléon Bonaparte, dit Napoléon-Jérôme Bonaparte ou Jérôme Napoléon [1], prince français [3] et prince Napoléon, prince de Montfort, comte de Meudon et de Moncalieri [4], né à Trieste le 9 septembre 1822 et mort à Rome le 17 mars 1891, est une personnalité politique et militaire française du Second Empire, cousin germain de l'empereur Napoléon II TUS resumable upload¶ plone.restapi supports the TUS Open Protocol for resumable file uploads. There is a @tus-upload endpoint to upload a file and a @tus-replace endpoint to replace an existing file. Creating an Upload URL¶ Note. POST requests to the @tus-upload endpoint are allowed on all IFolderish content types (e.g. Folder). To create a new upload, send a POST request to the @tus-upload.

Plone is a free and open source content management system built on top of the Zope application server.Plone is positioned as an Enterprise CMS and is commonly used for intranets and as part of the web presence of large organizations. High-profile public sector users include the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Brazilian Government, United Nations, City of Bern (Switzerland), New South. Par défaut sur Plone, l'éditeur de texte est TinyMCE. Cependant il est possible d'installer d'autres éditeurs (ckeditor notamment). Chaque utilisateur peut choisir son éditeur, mais par défaut, l'éditeur sera celui choisi sur cette page de configuration. Si vous avez installé un nouvel éditeur sur votre site, ckeditor par exemple, il aura une page de configuration spéciale. The Usability team evaluates user interface in Plone improvement proposals, creates and maintains user-interface guidelines for Plone, and helps developers create a good and coherent user experience in Plone. plone.com Conference Documentation Training Forum Jobs Toggle navigation.

Current Release page SALOME Documentation Video Tutorials. Learn SALOME channe Plone's Ansible Playbook; Edit on GitHub; Plone's Ansible Playbook ¶ Description. Use Ansible to provision a full-stack Plone server. Introduction. TL;DR; Automated-server provisioning; If you need to log in; Provisioning a Plone server. The stack; What about other apps? Major choices; Requirements. Target server; Local setup; Ansible role requirements; Setting up the Playbook. Clone or. Authentication¶ plone.restapi uses Plone PAS for Authentication. That means that any authentication method supported by an installed PAS Plugin should work, assuming it's an authentication method that makes sense to use with an API. For example, to authenticate using HTTP basic auth, you'd set an Authorization header: GET /Plone HTTP / 1.1 Authorization: Basic Zm9vYmFyOmZvb2Jhcgo= Accept.

Packaging Plone is the responsibility of the Installers Team. This team also works on approachability issues. plone.com Conference Documentation Training Forum Jobs Toggle navigation Login Toggle search Plone.org. Get started; Community. Documentation Aller au niveau supérieur. Placez ici vos documents à partager . Ajout de contenu Par François Charot — Dernière modification 17/01/2007 15:19 Rapports Par Olivier Berder — Dernière modification 09/03/2010 15:26 Présentations Par Olivier Berder — Dernière modification 12/12/2008 14:51 Divers Comm Par Jérôme Astier — Dernière modification 03/11/2008 14:50. Outils personnels. Se connecter; Vous êtes ici : Accueil / Documentation Navigation. Documents généraux du projet; Documents des activités du proje

Pour voir cette documentation dans son site original et accéder à son moteur de recherche, veuillez vous rendre ici. Lire la dernière version de ce document au format PDF . Ce document constitué à partir de contributions de la communauté Plone francophone, notamment : Le manuel de formation intégrateur Plone par Vincent Fretin ; Le cours sur le développement pour Plone par Michael. Plone Performance Testing 1.0 documentation » Plone Performance Testing. Review Plone Foundation Membership applications and make membership recommendations to the Board. plone.com Conference Documentation Training Forum Jobs Toggle navigation Login Toggle search Plone.org. Get started ; Community; Plone Foundation. Bitnami Plone Stack for Microsoft Azure. Plone is an open source content management system built on the Zope application server. Plone can be used for all types of websites such as a blog, e-commerce site, and even an intranet

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Sven Strack - Improving Plone Documentation Sven talks about how Plone documentation could be improved using new tools and certain guidelines. Sven Strack - Improving Plone Documentation . Näytä video. Selaimesi ei tue äänentoistoa. Voit yrittää ladata tiedoston 'Lataukset' -välilehdeltä, jos se on saatavilla. Lataukset. Voit tallentaa median tietokoneellesi seuraavissa formaateissa. Plone Theming Suite - A Designers Guide for Plone¶ This document is a community maintained manual for the Plone content management system. The target audience of the documentation includes. Content editors: writing, updating and ordering the actual content of the site; Designers: changing Plone's visual appearanc Documentation constructeur (Data Sheet) Logiciel d'observation; Infographie; Beckhoff. Configuration Beckhoff. Visu Dome Shutter; Visu Dome Rotation; Mapping I/O; Lenze; TwinCat-3; Safety; OPC-UA; Ampli Moteur AX-5206; PLC-Scope-Visu; Labo Beckhoff Genève; PLC Type CX8090 ; Electrotechnique; Mémos; Envoi de colis à La Silla; Membres; Maintenance; Modes d'emploi; Base de données des photos. This is SunRain Plone Theme. Accueil; Le dispositif. Le DAIP Les BAIP de l'Académie BAIP Artois Ternois Cambrésis BAIP Côte d'Opale Documentation Formation Personne Ressources N2. cacherw.REG; PR-TICE31B-1-2016.pptx; Réouverture du OwnCloud après correctif de la faille de sécurité Mars 2017; Clef Kaspersky année scolaire 2017-2018 ; Installation et Configuration de Mozilla Firefox. La vue plone¶ Cette vue fournit nombre d'informations particulièrement utiles dans la construction de vos templates. À noter que dans vos templates utilisant la macro de gabarit de page par défaut, cette vue est accessible par l'objet plone_view

Pour réaliser l'analyse et générer les composants nécessaires à Plone nous allons utiliser l'outil ArchGenXML en version 2. Nous réaliserons dans un premier temps un diagramme de classes, qui permettra de décrire le plan documentaire de notre application, puis nous associerons à nos documents des workflows sous forme de diagramme d'états transitions. Mais avant cela nous allons. As bobtemplates.plone is a template for mr.bob, we use mrbob to run the templates. If you are using buildout or an unactivated virtualenv, you can use mrbob like this:./bin/mrbob bobtemplates.plone:addon -O src/collective.foo. If you are using pipenv or an activated virtualenv, you can use mrbob like this: Activate pipenv shell: pipenv shel

Documentation and Support Quick Start For those who want to quickly have something running, this page explains how to setup Dynare on Windows and to run your first model file. User Guide An in-depth introduction to Dynare, by Tommaso Mancini Griffoli Manual Dynare reference manual: a comprehensive list of all Dynare commands and options Tutorial Learn in ten minutes how to perform a stochastic. Plone is a free and open source content management system built on top of the Zope application server. Plone can be used for any kind of website, including blogs, internet sites, webshops and internal websites. It's also used as a document publishing system and collaboration tool. Plone features a flexible workflow, extensibility and good security Click2Sell.eu integration for Plone this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. Neither the name of NiteoWeb Ltd. nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT. Various documents relating to Plone Foundation business. plone.com Conference Documentation Trainin

GitHub - collective/plonethemeExplore the API using Postman — ploneExample of Curve Fitting — TTU CAE NetworkSTK SL3000 Librairies — Bull On-line Support Portal

Web Hosting and (Plone) Web Development services Tender Documentation Pack_F-COD-20-T18 Info Tender Documentation Pack_F-COD-20-T18 Tender documentation Pack_ F-COD-20-T18.zip — Zip archive, 2.90 MB (3042442 bytes) Register your interest If you are downloading Call related documents from our website, kindly send us an e-mail to declare your interest in order to be notified directly in case. License ¶. The Plone Intranet Documentation by Plone Foundation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.. If you want to contribute to this documentation, you can do so directly by making a pull request, if you have filled out a Contributor Agreement.. If you haven't filled in a Contributor Agreement, you can still contribute

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Documentation Training Forum Jobs Toggle navigation Login Toggle search Plone.org. Get started. Sphinx Themes for Plone Documentation. sphinx.themes.plone is a collection of Sphinx themes for the Plone documentation project.. The different themes are used on docs.plone.org, but are not limited for this purpose.It might be used for all Plone Package Documentations, or even private use case but than without the Plone Logo and Footer (respect the License) The Plone Foundation exists to further the development, marketing, and legal affairs of Plone and the Plone community. plone.com Conference Documentation Training Forum Jobs Toggle navigation Login Toggle search Plone.org. Plone 5 Documentation is being translated to 11 languages on Transifex. Sign up to help translate or start your own project


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Téléchargez la documentation MoCCAM Compagnon: Boostez les liens entre MoCCAM et votre SIGB avec les API : Moccam-en-ligne propose désormais une API permettant de connecter directement votre SIGB à votre compte moccam. Cela permet de gagner du temps, par exemple en transférant un panier directement depuis moccam vers votre SIGB sans avoir besoin de l'exporter puis de l'importer. Pour l. Mastering Plone Documentation Release 1.2.5a Philip Bauer, Patrick Gerken September 23, 201

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The features of Plone; Plone-Documentation; Success stories; Plone-Training; Add ons for Plone; Log in now! Log out. Manager Manage content, users, addons and settings. Editor-in-chief Create, edit and publish content. Editor Create, edit and submit content. You are here: Home; Welcome to Plone. The ultimate Open Source Enterprise CMS. Edit this site and test Plone now! Upcoming Events. A. Plone is a free and open source content management system built on top of Zope Découvrir Ce qui est nouveau dans Plone (en). Lire la documentation, en particulier la documentation pour les éditeurs de contenu (en) et les recommandations de configuration d'un serveur (en). Explorer les extensions disponibles pour Plone. Lire et/ou s'inscrire sur les forums de support. Vous approprier le sit La promotion des technologies Plone . Pilot Systems s'implique fortement dans la diffusion et la promotion de ces technologies. Nous organisons ainsi régulièrement des Aperos Plone, soirées conviviales où nous abordons différents sujets relatifs à Plone. Pilot Systems offre également un moyen aisé de découvrir Plone, grâce à sa plate-forme Objectis, permettant d'héberger. Visit the Plone documentation workspace to identify current state of affairs (trailhead / tutorial for buildout is listed there, plus third party doc list). Start on a reorganisation of documentation on plone.org - too many documents are either out of date (and should be organised in an archive) or else just incomplete.[ not really a reorg. just need to mark docs as expired or update them. Documentation Formation Personne Ressources N1 Vous y trouverez l'ensemble des diaporamas projetés lors de la formation, ainsi qu'un complément au format .rtx ou .pdf ou .pptx Certains fichiers sont compressés au format zip et donc à décompresser après le téléchargement

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